Coaching Qualifications

Level 2 Qualification

The Spirit of Rugby Project would like to offer a number of volunteers the opportunity to undertake their Level 2 Rugby Coaching qualification, in return for a coaching contribution on the Spirit of Rugby Project. Volunteers within the community would be expected to contribute £75 towards the cost of the Rugby Ready, Scrum Factory and Level 2 coaching courses, with the Spirit of Rugby project contributing the rest of the costs (Around £150 in total). Through the projects link with Loughborough University the cost for Loughborough University and College students will be covered through the Coach and Volunteer Academy, a £50 deposit will be paid and returned once the relevant hours coaching have been delivered through the project.

In addition to this, you will receive mentorship support from an experienced Level 2 coach, Spirit of Rugby branded kit, and access to the Spirit of Rugby volunteer opportunity database to enable you to find the right opportunity to gain some experience throughout the duration of the course, or a coaching position following qualification.

The Scrum Factory and Rugby Ready courses are pre-requisites to the Level 2 course, and take approximately 3 hours per course. Spirit of Rugby will arrange for these courses to be held together as a full day of activity at Loughborough University, exclusively for Spirit of Rugby and Loughborough University Coach and Volunteer Academy delegates.

The level 2 course will be held subsequently over 3 dates, and will be hosted by the RFU. Delegates will be expected to attend all 3 dates and will be required to complete some coursework throughout the duration of the course. The dates we are proposing currently are:

Rugby Ready – 18th February 2017 10.30am-1.00pm

Scrum Factory – 18th February 2017 1.30pm-4.30pm

Level 2 Day 1 – 26th February 2017 9.00am-5.00pm

Level 2 Day 2 – 12th March 2017 9.00am-5.00pm

Level 2 Day 3 – 19th March 2017 9.00am-5.00pm


How to apply

You will be required to complete an agreement form to complete the course, please read this carefully and fill this in and sent it complete to

Agreement form – download here

You will then receive a link to complete payment for the course.