Anya Taylor

Name: Anya Taylor
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Playing History: 15s – Loughborough Students Womens Rugby Football Club (LSWRFC) 1XV and 2XV, Loughborough Ladies RFC, 7s – Loughborough Students Womens Rugby Football Club (LSWRFC)

Involvement in Rugby: I am the Fresher representative for LSWRFC committee (2015-16), my main jobs for my committee position include recruitment of new players throughout the season, making sure these players feel happy and settled within the club and helping them with any issues they may have. I also help with promoting the club at events such as the AU Bazaar to try and gather more interest in women’s rugby either through new players or people spectating at our games.

What you aim to get out of the project: By volunteering for this project I am hoping to engage more young people in the game of rugby whether that be through playing, coaching, spectating or volunteering. There is often a lack of participants in these areas, especially among local rugby team leagues, so by getting more people involved it will hopefully set in motion more players, coaches, spectators and volunteers for the future. I’m also interested in offering those who may not be keen on the actual game of rugby but who want to volunteer in areas such as media, the opportunity to practice skills they may need for a future career path.