Martha Riggs

Name: Martha Riggs 
Age: 23
Occupation: Volunteer Academy Assistant Co-ordinator for Loughborough Sport

Playing history: I started playing rugby when I joined Loughborough University as a student in 2011; I played for Loughborough Students for 3 years and was captain in my final year. I am now in my 5th season playing for Loughborough Ladies RFC.

Involvement in rugby: As soon as I started playing rugby I knew it was something I wanted to stay involved in, not necessarily just playing. I was on committee for the student’s team whilst at University, which involved supporting the development of the club and the social element of the team. I am currently co-chair of Loughborough ladies, supporting the management of the club. 

What I aim to get out of the project: I am passionate about providing young people with opportunities to develop through sport and in-particular rugby, so I would love to be able to provide large numbers of young people the opportunity to find an aspect of rugby to get involved in that suites them, whether it be playing, spectating, volunteering or coaching. There are so many opportunities for young people to volunteer within rugby which I truly believe will help with their personal and professional development, providing them with a social community and also experiences to help with their future career progression, so this is an area I am particularly keen to grow.