Niamh McHugh

Name: Niamh McHugh
Age: 20
Occupation: University Student

Playing History: I started playing rugby when I joined Loughborough University in 2013. Since then I have represented Loughborough Students Women’s Rugby Club (LSWRFC), and from 2014 have played in the first team in BUCS Premier North. Also, since 2014 I have represented Loughborough Ladies, who compete in the championship.

Involvement in Rugby: My involvement in rugby has been varied across many sectors within rugby from spectating through to refereeing. Firstly, I have been involved in the running of a club, through my role as IMS Secretary for LSWRFC for the past two years. Also, last year I became a qualified RFU Referee (ELRA) which has allowed me to view the game from a different perspective to that of a player. Finally, I am an avid spectator of rugby from my local rugby club all the way through to watching the Ireland squad in the six nations. Also, I have seen top premiership teams such as Saracens and Leicester Tigers, and also Pro 12 squads such as Munster.

What you aim to get out of the project: Through the Spirit of Rugby project I hope to achieve increased knowledge of all sectors of rugby. For example, my knowledge of coaching and volunteering isn’t as developed as my knowledge from the spectating and playing side of the sport.   Furthermore, I would also like to get more young adults involved in Rugby, as through my own personal experience there wasn’t many opportunities for me to be involved in rugby; and due to my new found passion I have for the sport since studying in Loughborough I think that it is a sport that anyone and everyone can get involved with.